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Our strategy is to operate our OBN multi-client business, Axxis Multi Client, and invest in listed companies as well as companies expected to be listed in the near term.

Axxis Multi Client AS

The seismic multi-client data business model is in many parts of the world the preferred way of access to seismic data for petroleum exploration and production (E&P) companies. The seismic data provided by Axxis Multi Client AS is used by oil companies to discover, develop and produce resources in mature petroleum basins. Axxis Multi Client AS acts as a geophysical contractor that invests capital into seismic programs and undertakes to perform regulatory procedures, technological concept development, planning and execution of seismic programs. The return on investment is seen through the life span of the data; from its early stage with revenues coming from the pre-funding by E&P companies during the execution of the program, and through subsequent late sales data licensing cycle after the seismic images are available.

Axxis Multi Client AS specialize in multi-client data for near-field exploration where production infrastructure is in place, and where the E&P companies need high quality seismic data to unlock existing potential in areas where resources can be developed with low cost, low environmental impact and low emissions.

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